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    Polyoma virusBKV DNABKV quant
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Epidemiologic studies have shown a high seroprevalence rates for BK virus ranging from 60% to 100% beginning in childhood.  BK virus reactivation or primary infection among immunocompromised patients is associated with disease of the kidney or urinary bladder.  The severity, therapeutic response and clinical course of BK virus-associated disease have been correlated to BK viral load. 

Clinical Utility:
Determination of BK viral load in plasma using PCR provides a rapid, highly specific and sensitive means for physicians diagnose and treat BK virus related morbidity.


BKV-PCR assay utilizes EraGen Bioscience MultiCode-RTx BK primer mix in conjuction with the MultiCode-RTx DNA Reagent Set for amplification of Polyomavirus BK.  DNA is extracted from patient plasma and/or urine using the Roche MagNa Pure LC 2.0 instrument in conjunctions with the Roche MagNa Pure LC Total Nucleic Acid – High Performance Kit.

Reportable Range:
400 - 5,000,000,000 extracted copies of BKV per mL of samples

No cross-reactivity with other polyomavriuses including JC virus and SV-40 are seen.

Specimen Requirements:

  • 5-10 mL of blood in purple (EDTA) tube (unspun) or spin and freeze plasma within 6 hours of collection.
  • 5-10 mL of a random urine specimen in urine tube (unspun); no preservative.
  • Keep blood at room temperature.  Urine may be room temperature or frozen.

Pediatric Minimum:

  • Plasma: 200µL
  • Urine: 200µL

A REQUISITION FORM MUST ACCOMPANY ALL SAMPLES.  Please include detailed clinical information.

Test Performed (Days):

Tuesday and Thursday

Turn Around Time:

2-5 days

Shipment Sensitivity Requirements:

Keep specimen cold during transit, but do not ship on dry ice.  Please contact Client Services at (855) 535-1522 for shipping kits and instructions.  Use the cold pack provided in the KDL shipping kit.  Ship the specimen overnight express, using the FedEx priority overnight label provided.


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  2. Eragen MultiCode-RTx BK and DNA Reagent Set Package Inserts© 2011 Eragen Biosciences Inc.

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