The Histopathology Shared Resource (HSR) is a College of American Pathologists (CAP) and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) accredited core facility that provides investigators with histology services critical for the progress of biomedical research.  Additionally, we provide investigators with consultation and education in regard to best use of histopathology services.

The HSR provides an array of pathology related services in support of basic, translational, and clinical research.

Brain hsr

    1. Tissue fixation, processing and embedding
    2. Tissue sectioning
    3. Cryostat sections (frozen tissues)
    4. Sectioning for RT-PCR or other molecular studies
    5. H&E staining
    6. Decalcification of bone and cartilage
    7. Special stains, e.g., Trichrome, Elastin, Iron, Reticulin, Giemsa, Etc.

HSR staff can advise researchers on tissue preparation, preservation and handling to ensure the highest quality of results. Our staff have years of experience handling samples from small animals ensuring that tissues are properly embedded and precisely sectioned as requested. 

The Histopathology Shared Resource provides Immunohistochemistry services which include:

    1. Immunostaining of established antibodies
    2. Optimization of new antibodies
    3. Multiple Counterstains, e.g.: Hematoxylin, Methyl-Green
    4. High-Throughput Automated IHC staining on the Ventana BenchMark XT and BOND RX platforms

Tonsil.pdl1 hsr

Pathology consultative services
HSR can provide advice on histology, biomarker studies, research protocols, safety issues and grants applications.

List of Optimized Antibodies by HSR
The Histopathology Shared Resource has performed various IHC Stains:

Contact us for any additional information regarding our IHC Services.


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