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    Molecular Genetics
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    VHL full gene sequencingVon Hippel-Lindau Disease sequencing
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von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease is a rare autosomal-dominant cancer syndrome caused by mutations in the VHL gene.  This disease is most commonly characterized by hemangioblastomas of the brain, spinal cord and retina; pheochromocytomas and renal cell carcinomas.  Point mutations and small insertions/deletions account for approximately 72%, while entire exon and gene deletions account for approximately 28% of the identified mutations.  In addition to VHL, mutations in the VHL gene also cause VHL-associated polycythemia (previously known as Chuvash type polycythemia).

Reasons for Referral:

  • Identification of inherited genetic defects in the VHL gene in patients with a clinical diagnosis of VHL disease or VHL-associated polycythemia.
  • Confirmation of a suspected diagnosis with a positive family history of VHL disease when a familial mutation is known.
  • Predispositional testing for asymptomatic family members with a positive family history of VHL.
For detailed information and ordering instructions, please refer to Full Gene Analysis (1240). Genes may be added or removed if clinically indicated.


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