A regional leader in biobanking, the OHSU Knight BioLibrary advances medical research through the provision of quality biospecimens.

The OHSU Knight BioLibrary at Oregon Health & Science University is a CAP-accredited laboratory that collects, stores and disburses human biospecimens for use in research and test development.  Formed under the Knight Cancer Institute in 2011 and currently operating under the Knight Diagnostic Laboratories, the Biolibrary houses a large tissue collection that is focused primarily on oncology specimens, with some expansion into other disease areas. It also manages samples for multiple cancer registries and repositories, as well as archival materials from the OHSU Department of Pathology. 

The OHSU Knight BioLibrary is a research services organization with a mission to advance cancer research through the provision of human biospecimens.

Clients should send inquiries to: biolibrary@ohsu.edu

In October 2012 the BioLibrary became the Pacific Northwest’s first biorepository to receive CAP accreditation. Our experienced staff continue to define and implement best practices by which biospecimens and related data are collected, stored and distributed for research applications.

Managed collections include clinical pathology archives, federated disease-specific collections, and a central disease-agnostic repository. Specializing in oncology cases, our collection has grown to include numerous other disease types as well as disease-free controls. We offer investigators a variety of tissue types with associated clinical and molecular testing data. Available services are continuously expanding as we seek to meet client objectives.

In support of standardization of best practices for managing these specimen collections, the BioLibrary has focused on improving the quality control and assurance measures including:

  • Operationally-aligned to NCI and ISBER industry guidance
  • Board-certified pathologist review of tissues at storage and distribution for topography, morphology and quality
  • Standardized policies and protocols with annual employee proficiency assessments
  • Storage facility temperature monitoring with long-term backup power supply and redundant data storage
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Research professionals unaffiliated with OHSU may learn more about our available services and how to request samples on our Research Services page.

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Are you an OHSU patient?

If you are interested in learning more about how tissue donations are used in research please see our Donor Resources page.

Want to support research by becoming a sample donor? Consider participating in the OHSU BioLibrary Research Repository.

The Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University is a pioneer in the field of precision cancer medicine. The institute's director, Brian Druker, M.D., helped prove it was possible to shut down just the cells that enable cancer to grow. This breakthrough has made once-fatal forms of the disease manageable and transformed how cancer is treated. The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center between Sacramento and Seattle – an honor earned only by the nation's top cancer centers. It is headquarters for one of the National Cancer Institute's largest research collaboratives, SWOG, in addition to offering the latest treatments and technologies as well as hundreds of research studies and clinical trials.

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